How can post accident PTSD affect you?

PTSD Claims Lawyers

In this video Attorney Leonor Fuller discusses Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, and the potential for someone injured to suffer from PTSD after a personal injury or car accident. She also talks about the importance of seeking medical help for PTSD symptoms.

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Take these steps to prevent a rear-end accident.

Nearly 40% of all auto accidents nationally are rear-end collisions. To help prevent a rear-end collision, you can apply a great defensive driving tactic called the three-second rule. Choose a landmark on the side of the road, and count the amount of time it takes between the back end of the car in front of […]

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Thank You, Veterans

On Veterans Day, November 11, we honor those who have served in our armed forces and thank them for their service. Snapshot of data about veterans: There are over 21 million veterans living in the United States. Over 16 million of our veterans served in a time of war. The largest percentage of those veterans (7.5 million) served in the Gulf War Era, […]

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