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The legal limit for adult blood alcohol is 0.08% in Washington state. Many studies have been done on drunk driving accidents and, in general, it appears that:

  • Drunk drivers are more likely to be male than female;
  • They’re more likely to be younger than older;
  • Of the motorcycle riders killed in traffic accidents, about a third of them have blood alcohol greater than 0.08%;
  • Of the children killed each year in traffic accidents, about 14% die from alcohol-related accidents;
  • About a fifth of road accident deaths involve drugs such as cocaine or marijuana as well as alcohol;
  • Most drivers convicted of drunk driving are habitually heavy drinkers or outright alcoholics (alcohol-dependent).
  • In 2010, US adults drove impaired about 112 million times.

According to the CDC more than 10,000 Americans are killed each year in alcohol-related road accidents, and about a half-million more are injured.

Tacoma Drunk Driver Auto Accident Injuries

Whether and how badly you might be injured in a traffic accident depends on many factors:

  • Force of the impact
  • Direction and location of the impact on your vehicle
  • Type of vehicles involved
  • Position of your headrest
  • Direction you were facing relative to the impact
  • Whether you saw the crash coming or not
  • Whether you were thrown from your seat at all and hit against the interior of the car

The severity of injury can also be affected by many factors, such as:

  • How quickly medical help arrives,
  • Whether anybody tries to move you and inadvertently worsens your condition
  • Your basic health
  • Your age

The most dangerous injuries are those to the head and spinal cord, because injury to the central nervous system can impair such important abilities as sight, speech, memory, movement and sensation. Burn injuries are also very dangerous, as they’re slow to heal, tend to leave large scars, and can impair movement and sensation.

At Fuller and Fuller Law Firm, we understand how distressing it can be if you’re injured in a drunk driving accident. If you’re too injured to come to us, we can go to you. We’ll investigate your situation, gather the facts, and fight for your fair compensation. If you’ve been injured in an accident with a drunk driver in Tacoma, Olympia, or any of the surrounding communities, contact our Washington drunk driving accident attorneys today for your free initial consultation.

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