What Does a Truck Accident Lawyer Do?

a truck drives on a wet road | Fuller and Fuller, Attorneys, PLLC

When you are injured, or lose a family member, in a truck accident, hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer is the first step in holding the trucking company (or other at-fault party) accountable. There are several steps in the process of pursuing a truck accident claim, all of which require experienced legal representation. From the […]

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How Are Damages Assessed in a Personal Injury Case?

man holds broken arm near car crash | Fuller and Fuller, Attorneys PLLC

Knowing how damages are assessed in a personal injury case can help you understand what losses you may be able to recover after an incident. If you were harmed due to the negligent actions of another person, you may be eligible for compensation for your losses. An attorney can review the merits of your claim […]

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How Is Fault Determined in a Washington Car Accident Case?

traffic congestion in Washington | Fuller and Fuller, Attorneys PLLC

Understanding how fault is determined in a Washington car accident case can be important after a serious wreck that involves injuries. If you were hurt in a crash, you are entitled to fair compensation, but you must be able to prove someone else was at least partially at fault to recover the damages you deserve. […]

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Can I Sue for a Dog Bite?

a man sits with a dog | Fuller and Fuller, Attorneys PLLC

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the attack, an attorney may be able to help you sue for a dog bite that caused you economic and non-economic damages, such as medical expenses, lost wages, or pain and suffering.  However, you may not need to file a lawsuit in order to recover compensation for a dog bite […]

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Can You Sue Someone for Leaving the Scene of an Accident?

a driver leaves the scene of an accident | Fuller and Fuller, Attorneys PLLC

Leaving the scene of an accident that involved injuries is not permitted in Washington. Unfortunately, drivers who are involved in wrecks may react negatively due to confusion, fear, or guilt. This is especially true if the driver was operating the vehicle without a valid license, was driving while impaired, or felt responsible for the crash. […]

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