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You guys are AMAZING!!!

5-stars Excellent.
~ T.S. of Olympia in 2015

The entire office staff are very professional.

5-stars Excellent.
~ Y.Z. of Olympia in 2014

I had a great experience!!

5-stars Excellent.
~ N.H. of Tacoma in 2015

The case was closed quickly. Keep being excellent.

~ R.T. of Olympia in 2015

All of you were so kind to me.

5-stars Excellent.
~ L.E. of Bremerton in 2014

Leonor went above my expectations. Thank you so much.

5-stars Excellent.
~ V.A. of Tacoma in 2015

Went the extra mile to get as much as possible. I was confused about purchases I made and if they were reimburseable. That was it.

5-stars Excellent.
~ D.S. of Bremerton in 2015

So professional and respectful and knowledgeable.

5-stars Excellent.
~ M.S. of Puyallup in 2015

[I was] treated very good. Be who you already are. Thank you for your warm and friendly service.

5-stars Excellent.
~ J.W. of Graham in 2015

Very good to me. Kept me very informed. Stay the way you all are.

5-stars Excellent.
~ B.F. of Castle Rock in 2015

It was a fast and easy process. Fuller & Fuller seem to have it under control.

4-stars Good.
~ Anonymous in Olympia in 2015

The attorney was very competent. Everything about office is just wonderful. You guys rock!

5-stars Excellent.
~ L.R. of Olympia in 2015

Leonor is a very strategic thinker about the case and kind towards our family. The case took longer than I thought to resolve but I understood the difficult circumstances that required additional time and effort. Keep up the excellent work and advocacy for your client’s interests. Thank you for everything! My family and I fully appreciate fully your help with my father’s case.

5-stars Excellent.
~ H.S. of Vashon in 2015

They were so compassionate and caring. Build another branch office so people can reach you better.

5-stars Excellent.
~ L.S. of Lacey in 2014

All the way through the entire process, we felt that our interests were #1.

5-stars Excellent.
~ M & J H of Tenino in 2014

Kept me well informed. Were professional but “relaxed.”

5-stars Excellent.
~ P.H. of Lacey in 2015

I was particularly pleased with how fast the case was settled. Not a thing [to improve]. Keep doing what you are doing. I thank you all.

5-stars Excellent.
~ A.J. of Lacey in 2014

Jay met me at my place of employment to facilitate meeting.

5-stars Excellent.
~ S.S. of Federal Way in 2014

The staff was very nice especially the attorney who handled our case.

5-stars Excellent.
~ L.D. of Lacey in 2014

Always received quick responses to email or phone calls.

5-stars Excellent.
~ Anonymous of Spanaway in 2014

Everyone was so awesome. You guys are all good the way you are.

5-stars Excellent.
~ E.M. of Tacoma in 2014

Marya was very good at explaining things as we went along and what to expect in future. I have recommended your firm to my daughter. Just keep doing the good work you have been doing.

5-stars Excellent.
~ G.J. of Lacey in 2015

The best attorney ever. Smarter than the Supreme Court! I was more than satisfied with the outcome of my case. I would absolutely recommend the firm to others.

5-stars Excellent.
~ V.W. of Tacoma in 2014

Nothing [to improve.] This law firm is the best in my opinion. Leonor was very nice, professional and knew how to handle everything!

5-stars Excellent.
~ B.A. of Tenino in 2015

I’m very happy and cannot think of anything [to improve.] Your service is excellent. Jay got an answer to me regarding a different matter after my case was settled.

5-stars Excellent.
~ C.B. of Puyallup in 2015

The entire staff is friendly and supportive. They helped me through a very difficult time and went above and beyond with my case. They guided me in finding the right healthcare and were supportive during my treatment. When I had my daughter with me they offered her apple juice and gave her a doll to play with and take home. Leonor Fuller was thorough and got a much larger settlement for me than I expected. They also genuinely care about my well-being even after my case has been closed. Overall, I am very pleased and I know I could not have gotten through without them. Thank you, Fuller and Fuller!

~ S.B. of Olympia

Staff service was great, and the attorneys stayed on top of my case.

~ E.E. of Tumwater

I would like to let your future clients know that this is not only a professional firm but also a personal, and caring firm. It's nice to deal with humans that care about people and their family, not just the case and how much money they are going to make!

~ R.O. of Rochester

My experience was great. I am so grateful that they were able to work with me while I am stationed overseas.

~ S.G. of Tillamook

It was nice to have someone listen, understand and care.

~ T.M. of Centralia

Everyone was friendly, helpful and efficient.

~ A.J. of Olympia

Everything pleased me, you all did great.

~ K.J. of Raymond

Everything was taken care of without a problem.

~ G.E. of Olympia

I was made very comfortable, like family.

~ J.B. of Olympia

I did not expect my settlement so soon.

~ J.B. of Olympia

It was good work, they worked hard on the case.

~ J.J. of Renton

Everyone was very courteous and made me feel special.

~ P.H. of Rochester

Very good service and advice.

~ T.T. of Olympia

The kindness started from the first phone call clear to the last visit. Everyone you talk to is always ready to help and is always nice.

~ R.V. of Tacoma

Attorneys were patient and kind.

~ J.C. of Tacoma

Leonor gave part of her money to me!

~ C.S. of Tacoma/University Place

Everyone was professional and treated me with respect.

~ L.P. of Tacoma

I was always kept right up to date.

~ L.S. of Shelton

You truly care about the people you deal with. Thank you for all you did!

~ T.M. of Tacoma

Don’t change a thing - Your are the nicest people who care. Thank you very, very, very much. Thanks to you I will be starting my own lawn & landscaping job. Thank you!

~ G.G. of Ocean Shores

I was extremely happy with everything. Very professional and helpful and friendly! Very satisfied beyond my expectations! Thank you!.

~ A.N. of Olympia

Very awesome work, keep it up!

~ M.S. of Spanaway

Everything was handled expertly.

~ J.L. of Olympia

They were always honest with me.

~ L.D. of Cosmopolis

Good attitudes!

~ K.P. of Vashon

Good job! The legal process didn’t impact my day.

~ Anonymous

Attorney took less to achieve my settlement expectations.

~ J.P. of Shelton

Everyone I talked to in your law firm was nice, friendly and polite.

~ G.O. of Tacoma

I was pleased with the promptness, explanations, truth and honest guidance provided.

~ P.B. of Olympia

All around courtesy and friendly staff.

~ K.W. of Olympia