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Facebook ReviewerApril S

I am so grateful for Fuller & Fuller - specifically Marya. They helped with my case and although it wasn't much they treated me like I was the most important. Always kept me abreast of what was happening and what to be expecting. I couldn't have done it without them. Thank you just doesn't seem like enough!

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Facebook ReviewerGreg K

Taking my case to this office was the best decision I could have made. I adamantly recommend them for your legal needs. Highly skilled, dedicated professionals with compassion and the commitment to deliver a positive end result. Thank you Leonor and Rachel for making a difference in my life. I will be forever grateful.

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Google ReviewerWendy B

Thank you Marya, Abbey, and the whole Fuller Team. You are truly amazing. You made me feel like family when i needed it most. Your professionalism along with your compassion helped me through a horrible and painful experience. Thank you for taking the stress, giving me a chance to heal.

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Google ReviewerScott C

The best kind of lawyer is a ruthless one. When they are on your side. Leonor was on my side and she worked hard for me. I was in the right and she made the other party correct their ways. If I didn’t have her in my corner, I wouldn’t have won my case. I recommend this firm to everyone and am thankful I went here.

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I just wanted to say thank you and how grateful I am! Marya handled my case beautifully! She and Abigail kept me informed every step of the way! I will most definitely tell others what a great job ya’ll did and how well I was treated.

~J.A. of Tacoma in 2018

Due to my relocation out of state you made the settlement deposit into Columbia Bank for me. Your firm is personal, professional and caring. You leave nothing undone. Thank you!

~C.M. of Gig Harbor in 2018

They all made us feel like we were their only clients.  Almost family, never rushed. Thank you for your great service.  We have recommended your firm to others.

~C.G. and R.G. of Gig Harbor in 2018

She drove to me!!!  Wonderful service, always able to answer my questions.

~Anonymous of Grays Harbor County in 2018

Marya was very knowledgable & experienced.  She put me at ease about everything. Abby did an outstanding job very friendly & professional.  Everything that Marya did was above and beyond what I expected. She even met me at my apartment.  Everyone I met at the firm did a great job. I have recommended your firm & will continue. Thank you for providing me the representation that I needed to get the medical needs taken care of.  Also with physical therapy and some compensation for my future.

~S.P. of Tumwater in 2018

Super-attentive staff!!

~Anonymous of Olympia in 2018
~C.H. of Olympia in 2018

Abby is an amazing woman. You went above and beyond.

~K.M. of Rainier in 2018

Everyone was very helpful & thorough.

~C.D.R. of Roy in 2017

Everyone who handled my case seemed like they actually cared.  Thank you for everything.

~Anonymous of Olympia in 2018

Very up front & prompt.  I was very pleased how case was handled.  Keep up the great work!!

~K.M. of Rochester in 2018

Met me by my workplace. Timely correspondence. Case fully explained.

~S.L. of Puyallup in 2017

We always felt we were your only clients. Very personal service. I already have recommended your firm to others.

~R.G. of Gig Harbor in 2017
~C.R.H. of Parkland in 2017
~J.S. and W.S. of University Place in 2017
~T.P. of Olympia in 2017
~T.K. of Rainier in 2017

Marya and Abby were always very nice. Just continue to show empathy & caring it is very nice.

~L.H. of Elma in 2017

Abby was comforting to talk to and Marya was direct to the point. Don’t change a thing.

~T.S.P. of Mossyrock in 2017
~Anonymous of Puyallup in 2017

I was pleased by meeting me at my home.

~A.D. of Centralia in 2017

Everyone was extremely patient and friendly. Didn’t rush through things. Surprise gift basket after case was settled.

~M.S. of Pacific Beach in 2017

Attorney came to me. Treated me like a person, not a number. No improvement needed! Outstanding in every way!

~M.C.O. of South Hill/Puyallup in 2017

Leonor always communicated in a personal yet professional way. I was never displeased about anything. The video testimonies are powerful. Just continue moving forward. Continue perfecting your website.

~R.T.P. of Puyallup in 2017

Very competent, thorough, understanding, kind. Keep doing what you’re doing. Everything was very thorough & professional.

~P.N. of Lacey in 2017

Jay Fuller drove to Port Orchard, WA to meet up with me.

~Anonymous of Silverdale in 2017

I was pleased with the gift you gave to my wife and I. Keep working as you are.

~J.R.J. of Shelton in 2017

I was particularly pleased with the personal attention. We have recommended the firm. Your service is top notch.

~G.G. of Tumwater in 2017

They explained the process in plain English. I have already recommended the firm.

~Anonymous of Ashford in 2017
~E.P.B. of Tacoma in 2017

Very professional.

~G.R. of Tacoma in 2017

Everything – Simply AMAZING. Most definitely recommend firm.

~J.L. of Lacey in 2017

Everyone was always helpful!

~C.O. of Orting in 2017

Jay was a wonderful help to relieve anxiety I felt about hiring an attorney.

~K.B. of Lacey in 2017

Jay explained everything to us & was very patient. We were very satisfied with Jay and Carmens professionalism. An office in Puyallup would be nice.

~S.W. and K.W. of Puyallup in 2017

I was particularly pleased with meeting at a location near my home.

~J.A. of Sumner in 2017

I was pleased with the way Leo explained everything to me. No improvement necessary.

~K.P. in 2017

Prompt professional service.

~W.J. of Centralia in 2017

The overall outcome was better [than] I guessed. I think you and staff did an excellent job for me. I don’t know of any improvements needed.

~T.E.B. in 2017

I was pleased with all of it. This firm is very good. I would recommend the firm in a heartbeat. This took 2 years and it went very very well. Thank you for being the awesome firm you are.

~K.S. of Tacoma in 2017

Everything pleased me. I have recommended the firm to others.

~E.N. of Olympia in 2016

Everything was perfect! I can’t think of anything to improve!

~M.C. of Gig Harbor in 2016
~A.B. of Olympia in 2016

Everything was perfect!

~S.T. of Olympia in 2016

Very patient & very helpful. Your all were very helpful, patient & kind.

~P. of Shelton in 2016

I really enjoy working with this firm and everytime I feel like a friend of family member not a case. Keep on being as personable as you have been.

~A.K. of Puyallup in 2016

Was always spoke to in a personal caring tone. Respectful & kind. Keep doing what you’re doing.

~R.W. and S.W. of Port Orchard in 2016

Congenial, kept us totally informed.

~R.M. of Kent in 2016

I am very satisfied with the way case was handled all the way through. You handled it excellently.

~N.J.R. in 2016

I was pleased with how Jay handled the interview with State Farm. Took care of my needs.

~H.W. of Tacoma in 2016

I was pleased with basically everything. Can not think of anything that could be handled better.

~L.E.K. of Bonney Lake in 2016

So professional and respectful and knowledgeable.

~M.S. of Puyallup in 2015

Can improve by making sure all bill collectors are contacted about case.

~Anonymous of Toledo in 2015

Very good to me. Kept me very informed. Stay the way you all are.

~B.F. of Castle Rock in 2015

It was a fast and easy process. Fuller & Fuller seem to have it under control.

~Anonymous in Olympia in 2015

Leonor went above my expectations. Thank you so much.

~V.A. of Tacoma in 2015

Leonor was very nice, professional and knew how to handle everything! There is nothing to improve. This law firm is the best in my opinion.

~B.A. of Tenino in 2015
~K.S. of Auburn in 2015
~T.P. of Olympia in 2015

You guys are AMAZING!!!

~T.S. of Olympia in 2015
~Anonymous of Graham in 2015

I had a great experience!!

~N.H. of Tacoma in 2015
~C.J.S. of Tacoma 2015
~E.T.L. of Aberdeen in 2015
~C.T. of Olympia in 2015

Kept me well informed. Were professional but “relaxed.”

~P.H. of Lacey in 2015

Went the extra mile to get as much as possible. I was confused about purchases I made and if they were reimburseable. That was it.

~D.S. of Bremerton in 2015

I’m very happy and cannot think of anything [to improve.] Your service is excellent. Jay got an answer to me regarding a different matter after my case was settled.

~C.B. of Puyallup in 2015

Nothing [to improve.] This law firm is the best in my opinion. Leonor was very nice, professional and knew how to handle everything!

~B.A. of Tenino in 2015

[I was] treated very good. Be who you already are. Thank you for your warm and friendly service.

~J.W. of Graham in 2015

Marya was very good at explaining things as we went along and what to expect in future. I have recommended your firm to my daughter. Just keep doing the good work you have been doing.

~G.J. of Lacey in 2015

The attorney was very competent. Everything about office is just wonderful. You guys rock!

~L.R. of Olympia in 2015

Leonor is a very strategic thinker about the case and kind towards our family. The case took longer than I thought to resolve but I understood the difficult circumstances that required additional time and effort. Keep up the excellent work and advocacy for your client’s interests. Thank you for everything! My family and I fully appreciate fully your help with my father’s case.

~H.S. of Vashon in 2015

They were so compassionate and caring. Build another branch office so people can reach you better.

~L.S. of Lacey in 2014

All the way through the entire process, we felt that our interests were #1.

~M & J H of Tenino in 2014

The entire office staff are very professional.

~Y.Z. of Olympia in 2014

All of you were so kind to me.

~L.E. of Bremerton in 2014

I was particularly pleased with how fast the case was settled. Not a thing [to improve]. Keep doing what you are doing. I thank you all.

~A.J. of Lacey in 2014

Jay met me at my place of employment to facilitate meeting.

~S.S. of Federal Way in 2014

The staff was very nice especially the attorney who handled our case.

~L.D. of Lacey in 2014

Always received quick responses to email or phone calls.

~Anonymous of Spanaway in 2014

Everyone was so awesome. You guys are all good the way you are.

~E.M. of Tacoma in 2014

The best attorney ever. Smarter than the Supreme Court! I was more than satisfied with the outcome of my case. I would absolutely recommend the firm to others.

~V.W. of Tacoma in 2014

The entire staff is friendly and supportive. They helped me through a very difficult time and went above and beyond with my case. They guided me in finding the right healthcare and were supportive during my treatment. When I had my daughter with me they offered her apple juice and gave her a doll to play with and take home. Leonor Fuller was thorough and got a much larger settlement for me than I expected. They also genuinely care about my well-being even after my case has been closed. Overall, I am very pleased and I know I could not have gotten through without them. Thank you, Fuller and Fuller!

~S.B. of Olympia

Staff service was great, and the attorneys stayed on top of my case.

~E.E. of Tumwater

I would like to let your future clients know that this is not only a professional firm but also a personal, and caring firm. It’s nice to deal with humans that care about people and their family, not just the case and how much money they are going to make!

~R.O. of Rochester

My experience was great. I am so grateful that they were able to work with me while I am stationed overseas.

~S.G. of Tillamook

It was nice to have someone listen, understand and care.

~T.M. of Centralia

Everyone was friendly, helpful and efficient.

~A.J. of Olympia

Everything pleased me, you all did great.

~K.J. of Raymond

Everything was taken care of without a problem.

~G.E. of Olympia

I was made very comfortable, like family.

~J.B. of Olympia

I did not expect my settlement so soon.

~J.B. of Olympia

It was good work, they worked hard on the case.

~J.J. of Renton

Everyone was very courteous and made me feel special.

~P.H. of Rochester

Very good service and advice.

~T.T. of Olympia

The kindness started from the first phone call clear to the last visit. Everyone you talk to is always ready to help and is always nice.

~R.V. of Tacoma

Attorneys were patient and kind.

~J.C. of Tacoma

Leonor gave part of her money to me!

~C.S. of Tacoma/University Place

Everyone was professional and treated me with respect.

~L.P. of Tacoma

I was always kept right up to date.

~L.S. of Shelton

You truly care about the people you deal with. Thank you for all you did!

~T.M. of Tacoma

You guys are doing great, and I received a bigger settlement than I thought!

~A.L. of Olympia

Carman was very supportive, both Jay and Nina were excellent in fighting for me!

~N.J. of Tacoma/University Place

Don’t change a thing – Your are the nicest people who care. Thank you very, very, very much. Thanks to you I will be starting my own lawn & landscaping job. Thank you!

~G.G. of Ocean Shores

I was extremely happy with everything. Very professional and helpful and friendly! Very satisfied beyond my expectations! Thank you!.

~A.N. of Olympia

Everything was so professional and Marya was terrific. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

~S.R. of Olympia

The case was closed quickly. Keep being excellent.

~R.T. of Olympia in 2015

All around courtesy and friendly staff.

~K.W. of Olympia

Very awesome work, keep it up!

~M.S. of Spanaway

Everything was handled expertly.

~J.L. of Olympia

I was pleased with the promptness, explanations, truth and honest guidance provided.

~P.B. of Olympia

Everyone I talked to in your law firm was nice, friendly and polite.

~G.O. of Tacoma

Attorney took less to achieve my settlement expectations.

~J.P. of Shelton

Detailed explanations! Talked with providers, assistance with medical bills and payment plans.

~N.N. of Olympia

My attorney, Leonor Fuller went beyond the call of duty. She met my every need and more.

~T.H. of Lacey

Everyone was courteous and kind as well as sympathetic. Also, kept me well informed, which was helpful.

~E.S. of Parkland

Good job! The legal process didn’t impact my day.


Good attitudes!

~K.P. of Vashon

They were always honest with me.

~L.D. of Cosmopolis