How to Avoid a Distracted Driver

Beware Distracted Driving Accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, distracted drivers cause hundreds of thousands of auto accidents in the United States each year. Texting while driving is now among the most common causes of serious and fatal collisions—and it is a cause that is completely avoidable. Despite the well-known risks, many drivers still engage […]

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When Should You Get a Lawyer for a Car Accident?

Contacting a Car Wreck Attorney

When you are involved in a car accident, a lot can happen fairly quickly. A lot can also go wrong if you do not take the necessary steps to protect yourself. With this in mind, it is important to speak to a car accident attorney as soon as possible. Call Fuller & Fuller at (800) […]

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When Do You Need an Attorney After a Car Accident?

When to Hire a Car Accident Attorney

It is possible in some cases to resolve a car accident claim without hiring an attorney. Such situations may include accidents involving only property damage, where liability is not disputed. But don’t assume that your claim is straightforward. Some injuries that seem simple at first may turn out to be much more complex, and questions […]

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Who Is at Fault in a Motorcycle Accident?

Fault in Motorcycle Accidents

Contrary to popular opinion, most people who ride motorcycles do so with the utmost caution. At Fuller & Fuller, we know the drivers of cars and trucks tend to be the ones who cause most crashes involving motorcycles. Our motorcycle accident lawyers will investigate your case. Our goal is hold all of the liable parties […]

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Do I Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

When You Need a Lawyer After an Accident

If you have been injured in a car accident, a number of questions are probably racing through your mind: How much will I have to pay in medical bills? How long will I be out of work? When will I start to feel normal again? Another important question you should ask yourself: Who is going […]

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