2014 was a banner year at Fuller & Fuller, Injury Attorneys:

Our practice just keeps getting more interesting and complex cases. In 2014, we handled cases that involved:

– Helping the family of a pedestrian who was hit and killed;
– Working with a client to get them excellent care for their PTSD;
– Assisting a child who had been attacked by a dog;
– Helping a retired military man whose foot and ribs were fractured in a motorcycle accident;
– Assisting on cases involving defective hips that were recalled;
– Finding a good shoulder surgeon for a carpenter who was hurt in an auto accident;
-Working with active duty military clients even after they have left the state;
– Proving how serious a hand injury can be, considering the hand is used all day, every day for complex movements;
– Directly a client through channels to find a better brace for his broken back;
– Proving the psychological effects of bad scarring;
– Finding a nasal reconstruction surgeon for an injured client;
– Exploring rare and unusual theories of liability when no auto insurance was available;
– Doing whatever it takes to get health insurance issues resolved, including sparking an investigation at the Insurance Commissioner’s office;
– Going up against trucking companies when truckers have caused accidents.

by Fuller & Fuller Attorneys at Law
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