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Personal Injury ProtectionPersonal Injury Protection, or PIP, coverage on your automobile insurance policy can be difficult to understand – and when you have been in an accident, we know that you need answers quickly. For that reason, Fuller & Fuller, Attorneys is providing information about PIP that our clients. As personal injury attorneys in Tacoma, we have represented thousands of people who have been injured in auto accidents, so we know what questions and concerns you are likely to have.

Most people think that PIP just covers your medical bills while you’re receiving treatment for your injuries after a car accident. While PIP does provide this coverage, there are other advantages to PIP that people are less aware of. PIP will cover your lost wages if you have to take time off to recover from your injuries; for example, it will provide household help if you are disabled from accident-related injuries; and, in the worst case scenario, it will even provide funeral benefits. PIP may also cover medical services that are not covered under your health insurance.

If you were not at fault for the accident, you may wonder why your own PIP insurance pays the bills. – covers these expenses when they were not at fault for the accident. This is a valid question. PIP covers your bills while your claim is ongoing. The other side – the insurance company of the person who was at fault for the accident – won’t pay your expenses until the end of your claim. Once your claim is resolved, PIP will be reimbursed, and you will receive your settlement. PIP provides a very valuable service, and Fuller & Fuller encourages citizens of Washington State not to waive PIP coverage as it can be extremely helpful when you are in an accident.

Even though you may have paid for PIP benefits on your policy, trying to understand what you are entitled to and how to use your benefits can be very stressful and confusing, especially if you are also injured. Fuller & Fuller will deal with the insurance companies so that you don’t have to, and we can answer any questions you may have about insurance coverage or PIP benefits. Unfortunately, even though you have paid for this coverage, your insurance company may try to get out of paying your medical bills or compensating you for lost time at work. Fuller & Fuller has helped resolve many disagreements such as these to get their clients what they deserve.

Many of Fuller & Fuller’s clients have worried that their auto insurance rates will go up simply because they have been involved in an auto accident. You may be reassured to learn that, under Washington State law, it is illegal for auto insurance companies to raise someone’s rates if they were not at fault for the accident.

Fuller & Fuller, Attorneys, with offices in Olympia and Tacoma, has helped thousands of people with their accident claims for more than forty years, and we would be pleased to help you. If you have been injured in an auto accident, you already have enough to deal with – leave all the legalities and negotiations and paperwork to us so you can concentrate on getting better – and so you can get the compensation for your injuries that you deserve.

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