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You need a personal injury attorney in Tacoma if you have been in an accident. After a personal injury, the lawyer or adjuster representing the at-fault party may quickly try to settle or get you to sign paperwork that prevents you from receiving fair compensation. Fuller and Fuller Law Firm can help. Call us today.

A Family Tradition

Herbert and Carol Fuller founded our firm in 1972, and every member of our family is an attorney. With two generations of practicing personal injury attorneys, we’ve been representing clients in Tacoma for over 40 years. Our generations of experience make a difference, so let our family help your family by providing representation for you on your personal injury claim.

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Washington law provides for damages and compensation for personal injuries that were caused by the negligence of another. Proving the personal injury claim, however, usually requires the assistance of a personal injury attorney in Tacoma.

Insurance company lawyers have many defenses that they may try to use against you. They might even try to say that your personal injury is wholly or partially your own fault. With a lawyer from our firm as your personal injury attorney, Tacoma personal injury victims have the legal support they need. Our attorneys work to find evidence that supports your case, including photographs, videos, police reports, witness statements, medical documentation, wage loss documentation and more.

At Fuller and Fuller Law Firm we don’t just build your case, we are there for you day by day. Acting as your advocate, we’ll provide advice and management of your accident related bills throughout the entire case.

Personal Injury Attorney Tacoma WA

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