Military Medical Malpractice

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Military medical malpractice attorneys Tacoma WA

Special laws apply to victims of medical malpractice committed at military medical facilities. For example, the time limits for bringing a claim are generally shorter than at civilian facilities in Washington State. Active duty personnel may have only limited rights.

But active duty personnel are not the only people injured by doctor or hospital errors in military facilities. Military dependents, and retired military have more extensive rights to bring a claim against the government.

Each medical malpractice attorney at Fuller and Fuller has represented military dependents and veterans. Many of the cases dealt with claims against Madigan Army Medical Center and the Naval Hospital, in Bremerton.

If you think you may have a claim against a military medical facility, don’t delay! Quickly contact Fuller & Fuller, the Patient’s Lawyers. Fuller & Fuller Attorneys at Law have been representing members of our armed forces and their families for over 46 years.