Cerebral Palsy Attorney

Let’s start with the definition: “cerebral” means brain and “palsy” means a movement disorder. Children who have C.P. often have trouble walking, sitting, talking, or using their extremities.

Cerebral Palsy Attorneys

In some instances, cerebral palsy may be caused by medical errors during the birthing process. Impaired oxygen flow during delivery, failing to recognize fetal distress, and delay in performing a c-section are examples of these types of errors. There are also a number of risk factors that doctors need to monitor carefully during pregnancy to potentially prevent cerebral palsy.

Often, parents of a child with cerebral palsy will need to provide lifelong care and ongoing medical care. Providing this care is expensive. Understandably, parents want to know if a medical mistake caused their child’s condition, and whether they can receive financial and other help in dealing with the challenges of raising a disabled child.

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