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When you’ve been the victim of an auto accident, life changes. In addition to battling with physical injury, some healing well others linger on, you have to cope with emotional injuries as well. Car accidents can be the cause of long rang effects that don’t become known until after the fact. These include negative impacts on your credit, your livelihood and even your sense of self. You want an auto accident attorney in Bremerton who is sensitive to these matters. At Fuller and Fuller Law Firm we specialize in representing clients recovering from auto accidents.

During your time of healing you want to be protected. As your auto accident attorney in Bremerton we can help manage your finances well we seek compensation on your behalf. We’ve been protecting the citizens of Bremerton since 1972. We treat every client like an individual, responding to your needs. That includes handling communications with insurance providers, as well as any other bills you may have. You shouldn’t be stressed during your recovery, and we have a dedicated member of our staff handling all incoming communications.

Auto Accident Lawyer

  • Lost Income Benefits – An auto accident impacts a number of important areas in your life. One of these is income. We firmly believe that it’s your right to claim a loss when an auto injury affects your income, and that you should be compensated. An auto accident attorney in Bremerton sees a lot. We’ve worked with individuals who’ve lost valuable physical functions that their line of work requires. We fight to get you the compensation you deserve when your injury affects your ability to work. This includes lost hourly or salary wages, overtime, and bonus pay. You deserve every dime of lost income, and we’ll help you get it.
  • Interrupted Routines – Car accidents frequently interrupt your ability to live a normal life. This includes general routines. A workout that once seemed easy may now be extremely difficult, and even standard living activities like grocery shopping or walking the dog can cause pain and discomfort. We’ll make sure these are factored into your compensation claim. Even when an inconvenience caused by your car accident doesn’t tie into personal income you still may be able to make a claim for damages because of it. As your auto accident attorney in Bremerton we’ll make sure you get all the compensation you are entitled to.
  • Compensation for Pain – Pain is difficult in the best of circumstances, and after an auto accident it can be compounded by trauma and stress. If you’re experiencing pain from an auto accident, you shouldn’t have to worry about where ongoing payments for treatment and care will come from. We fight so that you get the compensatory payment you’re entitle to. Though insurance providers will often push for less than desirable settlements, we’ll work to get you what you actually deserve. That means calculating the cost of ongoing care and the impact your injuries will have on your life. Just because the case is over doesn’t mean your pain is, so don’t settle for less than you deserve.


We don’t accept any payment upfront. That’s because we only accept payment when you get a settlement. We’ll fight for you, so if you’ve been injured in any way due to an car accident, call (800) 570-4878 or contact Fuller & Fuller for an auto accident attorney in Bremerton.

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