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Auto accident attorney Aberdeen WA
An auto accident is a life changing event. They don’t just cause physical injuries that can manifest for years or decades and require intense physical therapy to heal. They also cause emotional injuries. While you’re healing, medical bills may become overdue, and insurance companies will push you to settle even if it isn’t in your best interest. When you suffer from an auto accident, you need someone who can watch out for your best interest. As your auto accident attorney in Aberdeen, WA, Fuller and Fuller Law Firm puts your needs first.

Your Auto Accident Lawyer

Compensation for Pain – We specialize in helping auto accident victims get the compensation they deserve. If you’ve been in an accident and you’re suffering from short or long term pain or injury, you shouldn’t be held liable for your medical bills. You didn’t choose to be in an automobile accident, but with an auto accident attorney in Aberdeen, WA you can make the choice to get your life back.

Getting Bills Paid – A car accident can put your life on hold, but life doesn’t stand still. Billing departments with medical agencies, monthly expenses and more will continue to charge you while you rest. As your auto accident attorney, we’ll ensure your bills don’t go to collections during the compensation process. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the best environment for recovery, and we’ll have your bills sent directly to our office so that nothing gets pushed aside or overlooked.

Lost Income Benefits – When you’ve been in a car accident in Aberdeen, WA, you may not realize how much income you are actually missing. We know that hourly wages, overtime, and bonuses can add up, and that’s why we track it all. We do everything in our power to make sure you get the full amount of compensation you deserve, compensation that includes your lost wages. We’ll properly document all of your lost wages and fight to get you the income you deserve.

Interrupted Daily Routine – You won’t even realize how much of an impact a car accident will have on your daily life until it occurs. As your auto accident attorney in Aberdeen, WA we’ll account for this and factor it into your compensation claim. Everything from grocery shopping to dog walking and food preparation are accounted for. These can be further compounded when you require help performing tasks that you did independently before the accident.

Legal Fees – We put everything we have into each case. That’s why we don’t accept payment upfront. For its duration, your case is our primary concern, and we don’t take any payment unless we negotiate a settlement for you. Auto accidents are damaging enough, don’t choose an auto accident attorney in Aberdeen, WA that takes money from you before they’ve handled your case.

When you need a caring, detailed, and experienced auto accident attorney in Aberdeen, WA call (800) 570-4878 or contact Fuller & Fuller today.

Auto accident attorney Aberdeen Washington

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