Ms. “J” was badly hurt when she was hit at an intersection by a work truck that did not stop for a red light. The truck was owned by a local business. Unfortunately, because of a clerical error, the truck had never been listed on the business’ insurance policy. Ms. J was unable to get payment for her totalled vehicle or any of her medical bills. Ms. J was a single mother and had been unable to work at her job as a motel maid because of the injuries she sustained in the crash. She had approached several other attorneys looking for help in getting her bills paid, but no one had been able to help her. When Ms. J came to our office, she was desperate. Fuller & Fuller carried out a detailed investigation and determined that there was a secondary insurance policy covering the at-fault driver. We pursued Ms. J’s claim and were able to obtain payment for her car, her medical bills, and her lost wages.

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