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Auto accident attorney Lakewood
Facing the aftermath of a traumatic event can be difficult. You may be physically and emotionally injured. Even if you endured an auto accident by yourself, you don’t have to continue to go it alone. An auto accident attorney in Lakewood from Fuller and Fuller Law Firm is here to help. We care about our clients, treat you as an individual, and have been representing Lakewood residents victimized by car accidents since 1972.

It can be overwhelming to handle your affairs by your own after an accident. We’ll provide a worry free environment where you can recover from your injuries. During your case our staff can help manage your affairs. We’ll receive bills at the office and ensure you aren’t harassed by insurance companies that are eager to settle for less than what you deserve. Our firm is experienced in every aspect of auto accident law, and we’ll help protect your rights and your finances during this trying time.

Auto Accident Lawyer

  • Compensation for Pain – Just because your car accident is over, it doesn’t mean your pain is. There are many injuries caused by car accidents that leave long lasting pain and consequence. With the speed and impact of automobiles, neck, back, and movement issues often occur. Sometimes clients make a full recovery. Sometimes they live with the pain. You didn’t ask to be injured in a car accident and your quality of life shouldn’t have to suffer for it. Our auto accident attorney in Lakewood can get you the compensation necessary to provide you with a fulfilling quality of life. This can include a financial windfall that covers ongoing treatment for sustained injuries from your accident.
  • Lost Income Benefits – It’s difficult to imagine losing the ability to work for even a short time, let alone a lifetime. For many car accident victims there are injuries and complications that keep them from working for an extended period of time. These lost wages aren’t unrecoverable. We’ll add up all of your lost income, determining how much was lost from hourly or salary wages, overtime, and bonuses. If you are unable to work because of injuries suffered from your car accident, we will ask for a corresponding amount. Our auto accident attorneys in Lakewood fight for you, so don’t go without the lost wages you are owed.
  • Interrupted Routines – Not only do car accidents affect your livelihood, they also have an effect on your daily living. Things that were once enjoyable and stress free may now be difficult and burdensome. Leisure activities like sports might be too difficult to perform, and even simple activities like grocery shopping can become a source of stress and discomfort. You’re entitled to compensation for this loss. Our auto accident attorney can factor this into asked for damages, so that you get everything you should. Settlements need to take every factor into account because it’s your life, and we fight for it.

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